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Diana Craig Sparks

Diana Sparks

Diana Craig Sparks is an Accredited Member of the International Society of Appraisers with a specialty in Antiques & Residential Contents.

Involved in fashion history for over 12 years, she is the owner of Belle à Coeur Treasure Trove Vintage.

Belle à Coeur Treasure Trove Vintage is home to such niceties as delicate antique dresses,

to early 1900s styles, to mid-century fashions,

as well as hats, purses and other accessories as well fabulous vintage jewelry.

Visit the shop at

Lauren Fix: The Car Coach

Lauren Fix

About Lauren Fix: The Car Coach®

• Seen and heard coast to coast on major TV, print,web and radio.            
• Winning professional race car driver and alpha mom.
• Educational background in engineering and marketing.
• Award winning Automotive and Lifestyle Expert
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Paula D'Amico


Paula D’Amico is on a mission to bring hope and healing into people's lives.

She is a Wife, Mother, TV-Producer, Lightworker, Life Gardener,

and owner/creator of Blessings by Nature®.


Besides a rich background in Communications, Paula has a deep history in horticulture that dates back to her childhood when she worked side by side, deep in the dirt with her father, a graduate of Cornell University’s School of Horticulture.

In the past several years, Paula has studied under several local and international experts uncovering the power of plants and how the simple placement of plants and the use of Feng Shui in conjunction with her deep religious roots can transform one’s life.

Blessings by Nature® creations help heal hearts, lift spirits, re-ignite energy, and celebrate life simply by using the power of plants, herbs, and words.

Creations include a variety of sachets, glass vessels, and custom order baskets filled with a unique combination of gifts, organic herbs, and words helping to restore balance, bring clarity, and deliver positive energy into your life.

Blessings by Nature® also offers “Plant Power” workshops.

For more information:

Angie R. Lucarini

Angie is a wife, and mother of 5 children. She has written countless articles over the years that have been published in the Niagara Gazette. While I have a BS in Elementary Education, and an MS in Educational Foundations, I have always had a passion for writing.
After teaching for many years, I took time off to raise my children, yet I continued to write. In addition to writing articles, I also authored two books, and was keynote motivational speaker at several women's conferences. Later on, I went on to produce, edit, & co-host my own local television show for two years.

JAG In Her Basement


JAG In Her Basement


JAG is "Just A Girl in her basement" giving you advice on all sorts of issues related to women! JAG is interested in what interests you, so don't be afraid to let JAG know what's on your mind, because she doesn't have a problem letting you know what's on hers.

Paulette Krakowski, Artist

Paulette Krakowski


Paulette Krakowski is an Artist and the Art Gallery owner of  Enjoy The Journey Art Gallery in West Seneca.  The facility offers monthly art exhibits and openings for local artists, a gift shop and art classes. The gallery is working with many local artists, the two local high school art academies as well as raising funds for scholarships and local charities. The gallery has extended holiday hours for the one-of a kind gifts. logo

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Welcome to!

I Believe in You!

I went shopping this weekend and observed people—many frenzied people. What I noticed was the harshness of how many people treated others—especially family members.  You’ve heard some of those remarks, like, “Don’t you know any better?” “Why are you so stupid?”  “That wasn’t too bright!”  “What’s wrong with you?”

Oh my, the hurtful impact of words on our relationships--especially the ones directed to people that we are supposed to consider as our loved ones! Those hurtful type words and phrases tear down and diminish.  We cringe just hearing that!


There were, of course, people who treated each other kindly, with phrases like, “Yes, thank you.”   “That was good of you.”  “You are so great!”   But unfortunately, the positive statements were far fewer than the negatives.   I also observed frantic shoppers in the grocery store…congested conditions, long lines, more pressure, and some very negative attitudes and exchanges. (And we know that attitudes are that meant even more unhappy, complaining, short-tempered people!)


Let’s get clear.  “I Believe in You!”  How heart-lifting that is to hear!  Can you envision yourself saying that often to your family members?  When they’re confused, rushed, disappointed, facing difficulties, discouraged, fearful, needing a hug, or anytime during the day? (If not, it is time!)  Have you read any of the books by Marianne Richmond?  Her book, “I Believe in You!” is the type of book that every parent should provide for their child, their teen, their partner…no matter how old that person is….there is a very, very, important “I Believe in You!” message within its pages.


And that message ends with, “I want you to remember, I’m here to watch this           ride. I believe in one amazing you, with all my love and pride.”


Looking for that special stocking stuffer this season?  Why not share this “I believe in You!” awesome message with your family?  Why not have that conversation with yourself, and tell yourself that you are one awesome woman and that you believe in you!   (And then reinforce it as often as you can throughout 2015 and beyond!)


“I bring you the gift of these four words:  I believe in you.”

~Blaise Pascal

Claire Knowles is a 2-time Amazon best-selling author, in-demand Speaker and Business Leadership Consultant, helping Leaders (especially women leaders) and their Teams become the most effective they can be at accomplishing their goals (together).



O'Connell & Company
proudly presents
November 28 – December 21, 2014

"Warm, witty, lively and terrific!" - Associated Press

Buffalo, NY: O’Connell & Company, the professional theatre in residence at The Park School of
Buffalo, presents JERRY’S GIRLS, a celebratory musical entertainment of the music and lyrics
of Jerry Herman. Opening on November 28 and continuing through December 21, 2014.

JERRY’S GIRLS, directed & choreographed by Michael J. Walline, musical direction by Susan
B. Shaw and starring Mary Coppola Gjurich, Pamela Rose Mangus, Mary Kate O’Connell,
Shelby Bosse, Celine Keefe, Nancy Sam, affectionately celebrates songs that capture the true
spirit of the American musical theatre.

JERRY’S GIRLS creative team includes: Jamie Nablo Lama (Stage Manager), Adam Wall
(Wardrobe), Katy Miner (Set Design/Poster Design), Emma Schimminger (Lighting Design),
Nick Lama (Props), Craig Mangus (Sound Tech) and Mary Kate O’Connell (Artistic Director).
JERRY’S GIRLS, is the perfect holiday excursion with music and lyrics by Jerry Herman and
concepts by Larry Alford, Wayne Cilento and Jerry Herman. More than most songwriters, Jerry
Herman has put the 'larger-than-life' women of his shows center stage. Herman’s landmark
musicals are filled with glamour, optimism, love, melody and women. Winner of six Tony
Awards, including the Lifetime Achievement of Theatre, Jerry Herman and his music are
synonymous with some of Broadway’s biggest hits - "Hello Dolly!", "La Cage Aux Folles,"
"Mame," "Mack and Mabel," "Dear World," and more!

The musical is onstage at O’Connell & Company in residence at The Park School, 4625 Harlem
Road, Snyder, NY 14226 (Theatre entrance is in the Helen Long building), November 28 –
December 21, 2014. Show times are: Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays at 7:30pm and Sundays at
2:30 p.m. Tickets are: $25 with discounts available to seniors, students, military, groups and The
Park School community.

For information & ticket orders please call (716) 848-0800 or
“Jerry’s Girls” is presented by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.



Why is it that we tend to foster the very opposite of what it is we say we
want? Here's a practical example: men will often say they would like to
see their wife trading in baggy comfy PJ's for some figure flirty lingerie.
However, come Christmas, what is it a woman finds in that decorative
box under the tree? You guessed it, an over sized fluffy pair of
pajamas.  And wait, there's a bonus-they have cartoon characters all
over them too.  How Romantic do I look now sweetie?

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How to Build a Resilient You

Embrace winter with some healthy changes

Healthy in Mind, Body and Spirit

Building resiliency should start in childhood where you slowly realize that you are a wonderful human being who can do anything you desire. You have self- confidence and know that you can become the person you want to be. You are creative and everyone supports your efforts; your family and friends are cheering for your continuing success and wellness. You become a helper because all you see around you are people helping others.

You grow strong in your physical body because people around you show you how to be strong; guiding you on learning how your body, mind and soul are all connected to a strong physical being. Your mind is strong because you study hard, have wonderful teachers, read everything you can get your hands on and listen intently to your elders.

Because of all your prevention work, you grow up, follow your heart and become resilient, passing it on to your children. And you build this invisible protective wall around you and your loved ones, protecting everyone from harmful things outside of the resilient bubble that can make life more difficult and even painful.

When did the fairy tale end for you?

My fairy tale ended after high school when I left home at 18 to become a mother and wife. That is when I had the most difficulty with life in general. When I was on your own, I took up cigarette smoking (did this one before I left home), and got fat from poor eating habits.

Then my mother, father and all of my relatives told me that they have diabetes and I better stop eating so much because I was going to get it too. Left on my own with poor self- worth from all the extra weight I even considered taking your own life to just end it all so I would not have to work to get back to my true self which is full of resiliency, hope and love.

My Story is the story of many people

I was brought up in a good home, felt loved most of the time and worked on my health most of the time. I started life as a chubby kid who grew up even chubbier and after some time quite obese. I can blame no one but myself, and I felt pretty helpless about being able to get to a point in my life when I felt like I cared about myself; a place where I could look in the mirror and not see a bunch of blubber. I knew of self-hatred and I felt completely alone. But I also knew that I am the only one that could take the first step and come back to health and wellness.

So I began reading everything about losing weight, joined weight loss groups and gyms, yoga classes, even started my own healthy living group. Today I write about health daily and I believe that writing things down helps with knowing what you are eating, finding out about your emotions for the day and catching your spirit in the background cheering you on.

It really does take a village of people to help bring you back to health and wellness

It takes many voices to help you get you motivated toward wellness and you still have time to turn things around for yourself; building some protective, preventive ways that can build your invisible protective bubble of health.

Healthy Bodies, minds and spirits

Healthy Bodies: Everyone wants a healthy and fit body, but no one wants to work for it. If you want to stay fit, keep your body looking healthy, you need to exercise every day. Every day does not have to be a marathon but you have to do something.

Healthy Mind: The mind can become healthier through good relationships; interacting with others who bring the best out of you, and staying away from unhealthy, negative people who stick to your insides and turn them inside out!

Healthy Spirit: This one is the most difficult to attain because many people really do not know what or who their spirit is and how to make it healthier. Healthy spirit development requires that you know that there is something inside of you that needs to be honored, that wants to be closer to you, and that is waiting for you to find spirit in your everyday wonders.

Healthy Foods: Moderation is the key to success in any food plan that I have ever read about. You may want to begin a plant based diet with little quantities of meat, or vegetarian meals. There are a lot of cookbooks out there that can help you to eat healthier.

Hoping that I brought some healthy living components to your life today, and you begin to find health and wellness in mind, body and soul.

Become the person you want to be.

Pass your knowledge to others who may benefit.

And love living life in moderate ways.

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Claire Knowles

Claire Knowles

Claire Knowles is a retired human resources and labor relations manager,

certified in coaching and mediation. She is a partner in Richard N. Knowles & Associates, Inc.

Her coaching/consulting focus can be viewed at Lights On! is created especially for women:

Presentations, Consulting, Coaching, Retreats, and Facilitations.

Doris Richardson-Edsell


Doris Richardson-Edsell is a retired registered nurse who worked as a counselor and group therapist at the Buffalo Psychiatric Center for over 25 years. She has an MS in Professional Leadership from St. Bonaventure University.

Since her retirement, Doris now works on her passions; teaching  yoga at Southtowns Fitness in Hamburg, NY, and volunteering time and paid work for her former employer teaching yoga and meditation.
"I love to write and post a daily health tip on my website called Body-Mind Health-" Recently, with the help of Amazon, Doris turned her blog posts into books. Her focus is on providing others with healthy mind, body and soulful tips.

Kimberly Montini

R+F Independent Consultant


Kim Montini

your consultant

My Story

I am proud to represent Rodan + Fields Dermatologists.

These uniquely effective skincare products are designed by two of the most respected dermatologists in the country with a legacy of delivering on what they promise.

I believe that using Rodan + Fields is as close as you can get to visiting a dermatologist … without an appointment.

Rodan and Fields can truly transform your skin.



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