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Lauren Fix: The Car Coach

Lauren Fix

About Lauren Fix: The Car Coach®

• Seen and heard coast to coast on major TV, print,web and radio.            
• Winning professional race car driver and alpha mom.
• Educational background in engineering and marketing.
• Award winning Automotive and Lifestyle Expert
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Angie R. Lucarini

Angie is a wife, and mother of 5 children. She has written countless articles over the years that have been published in the Niagara Gazette. While I have a BS in Elementary Education, and an MS in Educational Foundations, I have always had a passion for writing.
After teaching for many years, I took time off to raise my children, yet I continued to write. In addition to writing articles, I also authored two books, and was keynote motivational speaker at several women's conferences. Later on, I went on to produce, edit, & co-host my own local television show for two years.


Paula D'Amico


Paula D’Amico is on a mission to bring hope and healing into people's lives.

She is a Wife, Mother, TV-Producer, Lightworker, Life Gardener,

and owner/creator of Blessings by Nature®.



For more information:


Income Tax

Income Tax

Paulette Krakowski, Artist

Paulette Krakowski


Paulette Krakowski is an Artist and the Art Gallery owner of  Enjoy The Journey Art Gallery in West Seneca.  The facility offers monthly art exhibits and openings for local artists, a gift shop and art classes. The gallery is working with many local artists, the two local high school art academies as well as raising funds for scholarships and local charities. The gallery has extended holiday hours for the one-of a kind gifts.  www.etjgallery.com


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It is spring.  We’ve had that first really sunny day—the one that boosts you up and moves you forward—the one that provides the impetus to clean the garage, to thoroughly clean the car (inside and out); and even to clean one’s closets.  Yes, it is time to sort through one’s closets again, put away winter, reorganize, and ready one’s wardrobe for spring.


Have you thought about cleaning out your internal closet cobwebs so that your spirit (both personal and professional) is primed for renewal too?   Have you examined your self-esteem?  Our psyche benefits when we are lifted up!   Possessing a mindset of positivity is a choice.  Let’s shake out those mind-closet negatives and move forward into spring with positive gusto!

Psychologists have a lot to say about raising self-esteem and about discovering ways to lift up the positives—all for an improved sense of wellbeing.  You can refocus negative thoughts if you choose.  You can have only one thought in your head at a time. It can bring you up, or it can drag you down.  You choose.  The same holds true with engaging in gratitude journaling.  As you write about that for which you are grateful, the negative is not present.  Can you hold that positive space?

We have the freedom of choice—that is, we choose our response to whatever happens to us in life.  So, we can surround ourselves with ego boosters, instead of ego busters.  We can do things that make us feel competent and give us a feeling of accomplishment.  We can develop thick skin and deflect the barbs from those “invalidators” who try to bring us down.  As Miguel Ruiz writes in his book, The Four Agreements, “Don’t take anything personally.”  Those negatives simply reflect (whatever is going on) with those who deliver the barbs.  You can get hugs and give hugs, because physical contact generates an internal response (consciously or unconsciously) that builds positive self-awareness, as you perceive someone cares about you, and vice versa!

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“Many parents view bullying as simply a part of growing up. Often they do not realize the devastating effects.” (2016, October 13) Bullying and Statistics Retrieved from https://nobullying.com/bullying-suicide-statistics/

Do we as parents realize the tremendous amount of pressure that our children face at school, on a daily basis? Young teens go home and struggle inside about whether they should tell their parents about the daily harassment they have to endure. The question plaguing their mind is, “Do I say something & be branded a tattle tale, running the risk of getting into a fight with the perpetrator; or do I keep silent, dying a little bit each day, as humiliation and shame scream out to me, stand up for yourself ?”

After having enough, he opts for defending himself. The offender is spoken to by an administrator, suspended, and then returns to class. Upon his return, the bully gets in the boy’s face again, talking garbage, threatening, that if he tells anybody, it will be the last thing he ever does, as he bops him in the head and runs.

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There are so many amazing lessons that a great book can teach to our kids. From giving them characters to connect with and dreams to pursue, to introducing them to new people, places and ideas, books can prepare kids for the world in so many ways. I am dedicated to providing my daughter with a life full of learning and adventure, and books are helping me to do that. Whether we are inspired by a book to go to the zoo, or she gets practice recognizing letters and shapes while we read, our time spent curled up with books is changing her life for the better.

The Challenge

On my website, I took part in a Rocking Motherhood challenge that has been taking over the blogging world recently. Mothers are challenged to come up with ten things that they are doing that makes them a great parent. Since we parents sometimes forget to recognize the little things we do that make a big impression, it has been really nice to see so many reminders of this in the posts of my fellow bloggers. For my own version of the challenge, I created a list of ten ways that I am rocking motherhood by raising my daughter to be a bookworm.

Books Can Change Our Lives

While writing this piece, I started to think about just how many ways books are shaping my daughter’s thinking, her sense of self and her future. Beyond the school based benefits of reading and enjoying it, books can help her mentally, emotionally, spiritually, socially and so much more! She will be able to escape into other worlds when this one gets to be too much. She will be able to find the answers to her questions. She will be able to discuss books with others and make connections with those who share her interests. For all of these reasons, and so many more, I am proud to be raising a bookworm. Check out the rest of the post on Babies to Bookworms to find out why you should be raising a bookworm, and how to get started!



Traveling Vineyard

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Buffalo Healthy Living

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Babies to Bookworms



Vicki is a former teacher who blogs about reading and children’s books at Babies to Bookworms.She is a stay at home mom to her one year old daughter – a budding bookworm as well! Babies to Bookworms is a blog dedicated to encouraging parents to read to their kids, and bringing books to life for them. Vicki aims to help parents, teachers and caregivers to get kids interested in reading and learning with fun activities and great books.

Claire Knowles

Claire Knowles

Claire Knowles is a retired human resources and labor relations manager,

certified in coaching and mediation. She is a partner in Richard N. Knowles & Associates, Inc.

Her coaching/consulting focus can be viewed at

lightsonworkshop.com Lights On! is created especially for women:

Presentations, Consulting, Coaching, Retreats, and Facilitations.

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